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What is Tickorders.com?

In this digital world as all businessmen make their Website or App the same way Tickorders.com helps businessmen to create an Online Order link specific to their business. With this link, a customer can place the order and business owners can receive and deliver the same without any other medium and intervention.

This is useful for businesses like Restaurant, Wholesaler, Manufacturer, Grocery stores, Vegetable stores, Retailers, Home-based, Businesses based on home delivery, or pickup.

How does it work?

It is very useful software, In order to start, you have to simply subscribe on Tickorders.com, select a one time service and provide information about your business, products. After this, a Unique Order link will be generated for you, along with a backend panel. This penal will also have options to manage all your products and services with Category, Qty, Units, Rate, Offers, etc.

That’s it now you are ready to take orders from your customers.

A) Spread the Link: Surprise your customers by Spreading your link to them with SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media platform

B) Best way is to keep this link in your auto-response on business WhatsApp

C) You can also integrate this link as "Order Now" button on your Website or App.

D) Receive the Order: Ask your customers to order you online using your link.

What all information My Order Link will have?

Your Order link will have a complete list of all products you added. You can add all your products and show all relevant information about your products like.

1. Category: You can divide products into categories. This will make it easy for customers to find products and order.

2. Selling Unit: You can give options like Kgs, Liters, Plate, etc or in any way convenient to you.

3. Rate: You can update rates as per your pricing and it will be shown against each product.

4. Offers: You can also give offers below each product for each product.


Yes, One can use “Any Language” to build their own “Unique Order Link”. I.e. if you use the Hindi language to build your link then, customers can see your link in a Hindi language and same with any other local language like English, French, German, along with others.

Website or App

Do I need a website or App to use this link?

No, the Website is not necessary or required for building up your own online ordering system. You can create your own online order link without website also.

Do I need to have technical or programming knowledge to manage this link?

NO. It's a very simple and easy to manage, any non-technical or even a layman can use this online order link for his business.

What if I have a Website or App?

If you already have a Website or App, you can integrate an easy-to-spot button "Order Now" with this link.


Is there a Payment gateway function?

No, yet there is no payment gateway option in TickOrders. It is a tool which can help you create a link for receiving Real-time orders from your customers.

How can I accept payments without a payment gateway?

There are many ways to accept payments like COD and e-Wallets like Google Pay, Paytm, PayPal, Stripe, etc. You will have to manage payments by yourself.

Getting More Orders

Where & how to share link to get more orders?

To spread your Order link you can attach your URL to your social media accounts, there are multiple options available such as,

1) WhatsApp: - You can attach URL to your WhatsApp Business account as auto-response.

Launch your WhatsApp Business app. -> Settings -> Business settings -> Business profile -> Edit -> Website option -> paste your order link there & done. If you don’t have a WA Business account, just take a backup, install WA Business, and start using it.

2) Facebook: - Simply put your 'Unique Order Link' on your Facebook business account and on your business page.

Open your Facebook Timeline -> About -> Edit -> Contact Information -> Type the URL -> Save -> View Page to see the finished result.

3) Instagram: - Similarly you can pin down this link in your Instagram Bio to let people know about your business services and product.

Go to your profile -> Edit Profile -> Add the URL to your bio -> Tap Done

4) Twitter: - In like manner you can do the same with your Twitter account. You just need to provide 'Unique Order Link' in your twitter profile.

Log in to your Twitter -> Profile -> Edit your profile -> Web" box -> Add the URL -> tap SAVE

Apart from these methods, many more social media platforms are available to spread your link. You can also add this link on platforms where you advertise your business or Listing sites. Also, If you have a website you can always provide the easy-to-spot button "Order Now" with this link to reach out and approach customers and ensure a higher number of orders.


Whether Invoice will generate?

The order email will have, all product details, total product quantity ,total amount.

How to change register number?

Open TickOrders profile -> Business Information -> Basic Business Information -> Edit -> Confirm phone number with OTP -> Done.

Tip – It will remove your old number from TickOrders registration and add new number. Also, you will need new number to login into you TickOrders account. I.e. you can’t use your old number for login or any other purpose.

How I can contact TickOrders Team?

For your questions You write to us on Support@Tickorders.com. We will respond to all your queries as soon as possible.

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